Why US-China are preparing for WAR over Taiwan? : Geopolitical Case study (Recap Episode)

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VIDEO INTRODUCTION: In the past 1 Week, the US-China tension reached peak levels and it sent shockwaves all across the world concerning the face-off of 2 of the most powerful military forces in the world. and the reason for this tension was the Asia visit of Mrs. Nancy Pelosi!! She is the speaker of the United states house of representatives and was about to be the highest-ranking US official to visit Taiwan since 1997!
and this visit plan itself enraged the dragon so much that, Xijing ping outright warned President Biden, Military drills were being conducted by China and Taiwan and the situation is so intense that every media house is keeping an eye on this matter!! Because this scenario could escalate to a world war 3 situation itself!!
So in this Recap Episode, let's try to understand, in Spite of Taiwan being a different country with its own army, govt, and flag why does China consider Taiwan to be part of its mainland?
What is so special about this tiny Island, that the Chinese are willing to go wage a war against the American military itself? and most importantly, what are the study materials to help you understand the US-China tensions about TAIWAN!!

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