Beijing uses hardest Gaokao exam to lessen the employment challenge/Record 12M sit for 2022 Exam

The 2022 Gaokao or college entrance exams, lasted 4 days and ended on June 10th. A record number of students attended the exam and many students and parents are confused as to why this year’s exams are so difficult.
The number of students taking the college entrance examination in 2021 reached million, and the number of nationwide students enrolled in 2022 was million, an increase of million in one year, a record high. Such numbers also confirm that young people in China face increasingly limited options other than taking the college entrance exam.
While million families are scrambling to get to the new starting line, another wave of people are already at the finish line of college life. million college graduates are facing the "hardest employment season" in history in 2022.

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