Review of Working Strategies and Tactics to Win in Sports Betting

Author: Alex Harris

Stop losing money! Haphazard betting has led to the collapse of thousands of players. Don't know how to streamline the bank and learn to bet without emotion? Do not despair! In this article we describe the most famous financial and gambling strategies, explain their action, tell about the pros and cons. Read the article and bring yourself closer to a stable income.

Is it worth using sports betting strategies

Practice shows that haphazard chaotic actions bring profit only to beginners and the first few times. Loses happen even to competent bettors, but thanks to careful planning of tactics they manage to overlap the failures and eventually stay in the black.

It is possible to turn the game of betting from a hobby into a stable source of income. To do so, it is necessary to study expert forecasts and understand the strategies. Such an approach will introduce a system to your actions. Well chosen tactics will give control over gains and losses and will not allow you to go into deficit, even if some of the bet did not play.

Professional bettors are guided by past experience. It helps to make win-win decisions.

Important: Not all betting strategies are safe and useful to use. There is an opinion that a large number of the most popular ones are created by order of bookmakers and help them to profit, not the players.

Such gaming algorithms are recommended to be avoided. It does not mean that you should abandon ready-made solutions. On the contrary - they should be researched, tried, studied, and then form an author's betting plan based on the collected knowledge.

Strategies for betting on sports - pros and cons

Using a betting strategy in bookmaker betting is the only way to avoid impulsive actions and get control over the turnover of funds. No one strategy for winning at bets will give 100% results. Take into account the disadvantages of each.

Experts recommend not jumping from strategy to strategy, but to study one at a time in detail, understand them and use them wisely. Before applying a strategy, make sure it is suitable for the selected sport, team and match. Different situations will require different tactics to win.

Strategies for betting on exact scores in soccer

Bookmakers offer high odds on bets on the exact score. This makes sense, because it is not easy to guess the exact score of the match. The essence of this soccer betting strategy is to create several bets simultaneously.

Most soccer matches end with one of 5 results:

  • 0:0;
  • 1:1;
  • 2:1;
  • 2:0;
  • 1:0.

Other outcomes are much rarer and in most cases should not be included in the strategy. Therefore, the choice is made from these 5 options. If the player is familiar with soccer and the teams, the choice is narrowed even more. At the same time, in order not to lose money in case of failure, bet on a different score of the same match.

A bet is made on 6 possible outcomes. The bank is divided as follows:

  • 30% on the most probable outcome;
  • 20% on the next 2 possible outcomes;
  • 10% on the remaining 3 results with the lowest odds.

For example, the game between Dynamo and Lokomotiv will end with one of the following results: 0:0, 1:1, 0:1, 1:0, 1:2, 2:1. Oleg bet $100 on the match:

  • 1:0 - $30 (bookie odds 6.0, possible winnings $180);
  • 2:1 and 1:1 - $20 each (odds 10.0 and 6.0 and possible winnings of $200 and $120, respectively);
  • 0:0, 0:1, 1:2 - $10 each (odds are 6.5, 8.5, 14, and possible winnings of $65, $85, and $140, respectively).

If one of the predictions plays, the maximum loss will be $35, and the winnings can range from $20 to $100.


A popular betting system, which not everyone is ready to use because of the high risks and aggressive steps. There must be a large sum on the account, which the bettor is ready to lose.

The essence of the strategy: it is necessary to set up a bankroll in advance - the bigger, the better. Count on it being enough for at least 4 losses in a row. Next you need to find a sporting event with odds from 1.9 to 2.1.

Bet an amount equal to 2-3% of your bankroll. If the bet played - you are lucky. If not, double the amount or increase it so that if you win, you recover all the failures and get a small income. Continue until the game brings a result. Once the prediction is correct, you can go back to the original bet size.

Pay attention! If 7-9 times in a row you are haunted by failure, it is worth to pay more time to analyze the games or contact a professional privateer.


This betting strategy was named after the French mathematician who developed it, known for his works on statistics and other disciplines. It was intended for casinos, but later became used by bettors.

The system is based on the betting amount: if you win, it is reduced by 1 point, if you lose, it is increased. A certain amount is taken as one point. If the first bet is $100 - this will be the "point". For example, the first time you bet $50. If the bet does not play, it must be increased by $50. D'Alamber's system applies only to events with odds of 2 or close. If the odds are 3 or higher, then after a loss, the bet can not be lowered, but returned to the original figure. This will keep from excessive losses.

You can also use the counter-Dalember strategy, in which the opposite actions are performed: after winning the bet increases, after losing the bet decreases. Thus, the risk of spending the bank completely in case of a series of losses is reduced to zero.

Effectiveness of the D'Alamber and Counter-D'Alamber Strategy

The D'Alamber method is a high-risk one. If you initially stake 1% of the bank, a losing streak (six or more failures) will lead to bankruptcy. When using the counter D'Alamber system, the cycle is closed after the first loss. The bet in this case is reduced by 1%. For example, instead of $100, $99 is bet and the possible winnings are reduced. Therefore, all other things being equal, the classic version of the strategy is more effective.

"Oscar Grind"

This strategy is mainly used for basketball predictions, but is also applicable in casinos. It only applies to matches with odds around 2. In basketball, such odds are not uncommon. The essence of Oscar Grind's strategy is to follow the rules:

  • The bet always increases by 1 point (as a unit we take the value of the first bet) after a failure;
  • after winning the sum remains unchanged;
  • Net profit should not exceed 1 point (even if it is necessary to decrease the stake).

Interesting! This strategy is also suitable for baseball betting.

Is the Oscar Grind strategy realistic to win?

Experienced players claim that this methodology works only in the short term, provided that the player is accompanied by luck. Continuous application of the Oscar Grind method will lead to the gradual burning of the bank.

This is explained by ordinary statistics. In order to profit from this strategy of winning on sports betting, it is necessary to guess the correct result at least half of the time. Already the fact that the bookmaker has set the odds equal to 2, indicates a lower probability.

Betting strategy on the outsider in soccer (strategy of betting on soccer against the favorite)

Beginners prefer to bet on favorites in soccer matches, as the probability of winning is higher. Many experienced bettors choose the strategy against the favorite because of the higher odds.

Important! In matches where one opponent is noticeably stronger than the other, bookmakers intentionally lower odds on the leaders and increase the odds on the outsiders.

The beginners do not understand that the odds for the leaders are underestimated. This leads to an abundance of betting on them. Bookmakers are left to further decrease the odds on the favorites and increase the odds on the underdogs.

The riskiest approach is always to bet on outsiders. Winnings are rarely possible, even for experts. A less dangerous way is to bet on underdogs not to lose. The most effective tactic, according to the betting guru, is to bet on the outsiders' goals, even if they don't win the game. If you look at the statistics of games of unequal opponents, you can see that the favorites concede goals even in winning games.

The first goal with your foot

The strategy may seem strange, because most goals are scored with the feet. In reality, the probability is no more than 50%, because the ball can be sent into the goal with the head or part of the body, and sometimes the match ends without goals.

It is worth betting only if you have statistics of goals scored by the feet of various players. Also, do not bet at the beginning, because the odds at this point are low. Usually it will increase after 10-20 minutes of the game.

Overlapping all outcomes

The simplest version of this method is to find two bookmakers who predict the victory of different teams. It is necessary to calculate how to distribute the amount of the bank so that at any outcome to be in the winnings.

Yellow Card Strategy

Yellow card betting is not a very popular betting method. It is offered not by all bookmakers and not for every match. Most often such bets are available in soccer. For a winning prediction, the following factors should be taken into account:

  • Referee - plays a key role. According to statistics, some of them assign penalties for any reason, while others show a yellow card as a last resort.
  • Players - usually fans of committing fouls on the field are widely known. Depending on the importance of the match or championship, you can predict violations with relative accuracy;
  • teams - it is best to keep statistics to see patterns, the use of which will allow you to make a correct prediction.

The strategy is suitable only for serious bettors who constantly monitor the situation in the sports world or their favorite sport.

Betting strategy for the first half

According to statistics, fewer goals are scored in the first half than in the second half. Therefore, it may be unclear why to bet on the first half. The secret is the odds, which will be 0.5 higher. For betting, choose games in which the teams aggressively attack, score a lot and concede. The bet is made when the odds reach 1.7, and better 2. In that case it is possible to bet on the TB 0.5. It is done in play closer to the end of the half. Before the start of the match the odds on performance is at 1.2-1.5, but increases as the game goes on.

Statistically, the calculation shows that in this case, for 5 wins there are 4 losses, which can be considered a favorable ratio.

2nd period

In the second period of hockey games 15-20% more goals are scored than in the first period, but the odds are lower. Experts recommend betting on the effectiveness of the 2nd and 3rd segments of the match. In the priority games of the clear favorites with the outsiders - a high total is expected there.

In the first period, the weak team will actively defend, while the favorites do not rush and prefer to study the opponent. If the difference in the game of the opponents is significant, you can bet on the total in the second period more than 2.5 and win at relatively high odds.

For example, in the Toronto Marlies - Texas Stars match on TB 2.5 the bookmaker offers odds of 1.9. By betting $100, you can win $190.

The essence of the strategy of a fixed percentage of the bank

One of the easiest methods to determine a bet, helps competently manage the available bank and reduces the possibility of losing to a minimum. The essence of the method - always put a given percentage of funds, regardless of the outcome of the previous transaction. After each bet the bank is recalculated, respectively, the amount changes. Since you do not want to lose large sums, beginners are recommended to choose not more than 3%, experienced players can increase the bet to 5%. A higher figure is associated with a high risk of a quick loss.

Express soccer betting strategy

This is a kind of multi betting, where several selections are made simultaneously. All bets must always win, otherwise the Parlay will end up losing. It may seem that long lineups with cosmic odds will be effective, but in practice, the best results are shown by expresses of 2-3 events.

Betting Forks Strategy

Using this method, you can win with a probability close to 100%. However, the profit will not exceed 1-3% of the bet, so you need to bet large sums. Also it will require mathematical calculations.

For example, at different bookmakers you bet on:

  • a draw;
  • victory of the first team;
  • a win for the second team.

The bank must be divided into 3 parts according to the odds. This is the main difficulty of betting, because it is difficult to determine the exact amount of each prediction. You can use special programs, but you will have to pay for the data. You should also take into account that bookmakers are wary of picks, and they can block your account, if your actions are too obvious.

The essence of the Monty Hall paradox

The Monty Hall paradox is one of the most famous problems in probability theory. Its solution does not fit into the framework of common sense and seems absurd. Studying the phenomenon is useful for understanding the probability of certain events. In some situations the strategy will keep you from making wrong predictions.

Task Conditions:

The host of a TV show suggests opening one of the doors: behind one there is a car, behind the other two there is a goat. Suppose you choose door number 1. Then the host opens door 2 or 3, where the goat is, and then asks if you would like to change your mind. The question is whether changing the decision will increase your chances of winning. In this case, the machinations of the organizers are ruled out.

Usually players trust their intuition and stand by their choice. In reality, those who use the offer, win 2 times more often. Many believe that the second choice does not increase the chances of success, which were originally 33.3%. In fact, the second attempt yields a 66.6% chance of winning.

The paradox teaches you to always recalculate the odds of success when new information becomes available.

Double Outcome Betting Strategy

Any team sports competition can have 3 possible outcomes. A double outcome betting strategy is betting on 2 out of 3 outcomes. Suitable for matches in which equal opponents are involved. If it is not clear who will win, you can bet on 2 outcomes. The odds will be lower than in the case of an ordinary bet. The probability of winning increases.

Principle of the strategy "Opposite"

One of the easiest methods of betting on soccer. It is necessary to insure the express, which will soon pass. Express bet on 2 or 3 soccer matches is made. After that, it is necessary to bet on each of the duels in turn, but on the opposite outcome. Ordinary bets are made immediately after the registration of the "press", or in play, if the events develop in the direction predicted in the "express".

Bets of high passability are chosen for this purpose. Top soccer matches are suitable. Most often, the tactic of tank attack is used for this.

The essence of the tank attack strategy

The player's bank is divided into several independent parts (3 or more) - the tanks used in the game independently of each other. To gain profit is required to disperse several tanks at the same time. This is done so that a successful dispersal of one or two streams was enough to offset the losses of the rest. Logically, the more threads you create, the more likely that at least one of them will play.

Winning on bets is real, but not as easy as it may seem. It is required to choose the right strategy in each specific case, carefully monitor the available information, carry out its detailed analysis.

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