Football Correct Score Betting Strategy

Author: Alex Harris

Many players do not bet on the exact score, fearing that it is almost impossible to correctly predict the outcome of the match. However, the situation changes when a player is allowed to make not a single bet, but a series of several predictions. Then, the chances of winning increase several times.

It should be remembered that the most optimal betting strategies are betting on soccer, volleyball and tennis.

A strategy for soccer

The main essence of the exact score strategy is to back up the main bet with auxiliary (express) predictions, and the scheme is based on mathematical calculation.

The statistics says that in 11% of cases the matches end with the score 1:1 and with the same probability - 1:0. In 50% of cases the results are 0:0, 0:1, 0:2 and 2:2. The main thing is to apply a strategy and identify several possible outcomes.

You should know that not all bookmaker offices accept bets with multiple outcomes.

Plus/Minus One

This strategy is based on combining accounts. Algorithm of action:

  • from the predictions the player chooses one, in his opinion, the most winning one;
  • One unit is added to and subtracted from each team's goal, which results in four more outcomes.

Advantages of the strategy

Despite the difficulty of execution, the exact score strategy has a number of advantages:

  • a large reward in the case of winning a bet (the main thing is to choose matches where a large number of goals are not expected);
  • High passability (chance of winning increases due to the presence of several predictions);
  • The choice of bets (for this strategy is suitable almost all soccer games);
  • simplicity of the system (the player strictly follows certain rules, without studying additional information).

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